Superbe was launched a few years back by Caroline and Laurence, two ceramicists by trade and by hobby, respectively. At their studio in Marseille, they recently designed four vases for Carven and every one is, dare we say, superb!


On one side, we have Caroline Cutaia. A graduate of the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she has an extensive background in photography. But it took just one introductory class for her to adopt ceramics as one of her favourite art forms. “While handling the clay, I realised that I was bringing a lot of elements from graphic design to the pieces, as this is what I specialised in,” she explains. “At art school, I ended up almost preferring arranging the décor in the frame over actually taking the photos.”

On the other side, we have Laurence d’Alvia. A nurse by profession, she has had a passion for ceramics for over twenty years. In her case, her creations started out as so-called “primitive” firings (in the open air).


Later, the two artists came together to form Superbe Céramique in a studio that they have since divided into three spaces: one for teaching classes, another for individual creations and the last for their collaborative works.
“Our studio in Marseille has been open to the public for three years now,” they reveal.


For Carven, they have revisited one of their most iconic creations, dubbed August. “The title refers to the month, of course, but it is also someone’s name. When working with two pairs of hands, we try to connect key references from our respective worlds. In this way, our pieces are born out of a shared reflective process.”

Creating ceramics is a meticulous and time-consuming process that requires all four natural elements: “We need earth to shape our works, air to dry them, water to throw them and fire to set them.” The result is a true meeting of form and décor composed in four colours, including one particular piece presented in stripes of the brand’s signature white and green. For the collaboration, the pair of artists have reinterpreted their Habiter en vacances (‘Living on Holiday’) line, this time drawing inspiration from Madame Carven’s holiday getaway in the south of France. Every piece is like a memory of summer. Simply superbe!

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