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  1. DAKOTA SILVER LEATHER BALLET FLATS WITH STRAPS Dakota silver leather flats with straps </br loading= •packshot principal">
  2. DAKOTA BLACK LEATHER BALLET FLATS WITH STRAPS Dakota black leather flats with straps </br loading= •packshot principal">
  3. DIANA PRINTED SILK SCARF BLUE Diana printed silk scarf blue - packshot principal
  4. DIANA PRINTED SILK SCARF GREEN Diana printed silk scarf green - packshot principal
  5. DIANA PRINTED SILK SCARF PINK Diana printed silk scarf pink - packshot principal
  6. HEXAGON-FRAME SUNGLASSES Hexagon-frame sunglasses burgundy- image principale
  7. HEXAGON-FRAME SUNGLASSES Hexagon-frame sunglasses blue- image principale
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  9. ROUND-FRAME SUNGLASSES Round-frame sunglasses pink shell- image principale
  10. SQUARE-FRAME SUNGLASSES Square-frame sunglasses black- image principale
  11. SQUARE-FRAME SUNGLASSES Square-frame sunglasses brown- image principale
  12. CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES Cat-eye sunglasses pink- image principale
  13. HEXAGON-FRAME SUNGLASSES Hexagon-frame sunglasses brown- image principale
  14. SQUARE-FRAME SUNGLASSES Square-frame sunglasses - packshot principal
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  16. CALISSON SUNGLASSES Calisson sunglasses - packshot principal
  17. RECTANGULAR-FRAME SUNGLASSES Rectangular-frame sunglasses - packshot principal
  18. ROUND-FRAME SUNGLASSES Round-frame sunglasses - packshot principal
  19. KITE-FRAME SUGLASSES Kite-frame suglasses - packshot principal
  20. CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES Cat-eye sunglasses  - packshot principal