The “ICCF Group”, a Franco-Chinese fashion group with international stature unites since 2021, ICICLE, the established natural and durable fashion brand in China, and the Parisian fashion house CARVEN.

ICCF Group is the natural outcome of the original and fruitful collaboration between Western and Eastern cultures and their two markets: France, the homeland of fashion, creation and talents and China, the carrier of oriental culture with its industrial power and booming growth.

Aiming at a ‘balanced’ international expansion both geographically and stylistically, ICICLE and CARVEN shall benefit from the many assets of the new group: a 25-year-old expertise in natural fabrics, fully integrated production platforms and the synergy of multicultural teams that are dedicated to creating a complementary and contemporary fashion offer.

The group’s logo, intertwining the initials of the two brands and their origins, illustrates the "Franco-Chinese" synergy that is "key" to the international development of both brands.