The flower-filled Garden of artist, Lucie Touré


Paper, beads, leather and metal: Lucie Touré's painstakingly precise embroideries and assemblages are brimming with blossoms.

Artisan and textile designer” is how Lucie Touré, 34, describes her craft. But above all, she is an artist whose particular flair happens to embroidery. After graduating from École Duperré with an applied arts diploma, she joined Les Arts Décoratifs. Throughout the years, she has continually honed her expertise and experimented with a range of materials.


For Carven, her chosen medium has been translucent tracing paper“that doesn't crinkle when painted”, which she has used to reinterpret the hallmark paisley print of the 2022 spring-summer collection in endless shades of blue.“My team and I painted all the leaves by hand before cutting them out”, she reveals. Each blossom comprises layers of petals held together at the centre by a bead. Together, they form flowing patches of material, arranged on a grid of organza ribbons so as to““capture the movements of the air and shimmer in the light”.

Four pairs of hands were given carte blanche to craft this meticulous composition, but certain specifications still had to be respected. Never losing sight of her creativity, Lucie Touré adapted her masterpiece to the structure of the new Carven boutique, playing with aspects of transparency to let the light shine through.


"Madame Carven was an avid collector. So we wanted to use detachable flowers that clients could take away as a little piece of art to add to their own collection,", states Touré. And what about her collection? Samples of beads, paper flowers (in various sizes and colours) and leather pieces are all neatly stored away at her workshop in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It is here that her creativity can run free.


"I lose track of time when I’m embroidering. People often say I'm patient, but I don’t really look at it like that. I like to think I’m collaborating with the fashion world without focusing too much on the garment, as has been the case with Carven", she explains. Find her creations at Carven’s Champs Élysées boutique from 21st March to 9th May, as well as on Instagram (@carven). See more of her work on her own account (@lucie.toure).

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From 9 to 11 December, Carven sets up its greenhouse in the Palais-Royal Garden, just steps away from the Colonnes de Buren. An immersion in a floral universe, a tribute to the founder of the Maison.

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